Service and Maintenance

We repair your HVAC system.

At BOYER HEATING & COOLING we have a distinctive department to handle your service needs. NATE and EPA certified, factory trained technicians.

Whether you have residential or commercial equipment, we maintain and repair almost all makes and models of equipment.

  • Furnaces
  • Air Conditioners
  • Humidifiers
  • Controls
Flagstaff Heating and Cooling

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my system be cleaned?

Location, running time, and type of system all affect how often a system will need cleaning.  However, no matter how diligently you change your filters, your system should be cleaned at least once a year.

What effects do dirty components have on my system?

Dirt blocks heat transfer, which causes or contributes to all or some of the following:

  • Compressor and/or fan motors run hot, lubrication breaks down and life is shortened.
  • Heating and cooling capacity is reduced, increasing operating costs
  • Compressor valves can be damaged due to refrigerant (Freon) flood back.
  • Coil can ice over, stopping all cooling and possibly causing damage due to a condensate water leak.

What is the best way to get these cleanings done?

You can call us for a maintenance cleaning on your system.  You pay whatever regular charges are in effect at the time.  Let our customer service representatives explain all the benefits, including your savings in operating costs resulting from a clean system.

Flagstaff’s Premiere HVAC Contractor

Do you have a gas furnace or heat pump that just won’t start or really doesn’t seem as efficient as it once was? There may be something wrong with it and it may need a furnace repair, but other times our Precision Tune Up can get your HVAC unit running in tip top shape. Though it was once the case that Flagstaff had very few air conditioning systems now many residences in Flagstaff have added air conditioning units and mini split systems. When those temps get hot and your A/C isn’t working we can provide the air conditioning repair to keep your house comfortable.

Though we do our best to repair malfunctioning units there are times when a new A/C or furnace installation makes more sense. As a full service HVAC contractor we do also offer other HVAC services from AC installs to air quality product and thermostat installation.

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